A Work In Progress

IMG_9464Happy New Year people!! I hope that you’ll are feeling blessed, healthy, happy and chic now that 2015 is in full swing. I am currently finishing my last sesmster at The University of Florida and hoping to venture into the “grown up” world of fashion soon! I know that SheChic has been irregular over the last six months, and I have missed blogging so much. But due to my internship in the summer and Kevin’s during the fall we haven’t been able to create magic together…

SheChic is not over and planning to come back better than ever, my chicness has only just begun! Thanks for following along and for all your support! To see a day-to-day version of my life follow me on Instagram @SarahSummerlin

I’m wearing a Donna Karan Collection skirt…. drooling, vintage Cashmere turtleneck sweater and Michael Kors snakeskin pumps.


Sublime Celine

_MON0020 _MON0205 _MON0126 _MON0571 _MON0544 _MON0488 _MON0433 _MON0302 _MON0231 _MON0622 _MON0909 _MON0592 _MON0773Chic, Chic, Chic!!!! There really isn’t anything more chic than Celine. Phoebe Philo Is a genius!

I haven’t had much time to review all the shows, but I always make time for my favorites. And if I had to pick, I’d say New York and Paris are my can’t misses of the cities that host our beloved fashion week. See the full collection here Style.com. (All pictures via style.com)

xoxo Sarah